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About Us


Gloria E. Hernandez - Senior Coordinator

Gloria has been in the wedding industry since 1989 when she performed her very first wedding ceremony.  In 1997, she formed her own company to meet the demands of area bridal couples.  Gloria takes great pride in providing professional and courteous service to her clients.  



Kitty Best

Associate Coordinator/Officiant


Kitty joined our staff in 1999 as an officiant.  She has a wonderful Southern drawl (Augusta, GA), and a great sense of humor.  Due to growing demand, Kitty now assists in coordinating the day of the wedding for our clients.


Maria E. Morejon

Associate Coordinator/Officiant


Maria joined our staff in 2002 as an Associate Coordinator/Officiant.  Fluent in Spanish, she can perform your ceremony in both Spanish and English.  Maria also assists in coordinating the day of the wedding for our clients.






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