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When should I hire a wedding consultant?

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Trivia question:  Does it seem like you have been planning your wedding forever?




Answer:  Most brides have been planning their wedding from the day they discovered boys!  They dream of getting married to the Prince on the white horse and riding off into the sunset.




Reality:  Planning a wedding can be torture!  You can't find a suitable church, the florists don't seem to know what you're looking for, the DJ/band doesn't know any of your favorite songs, etc., etc.  


What's a couple to do?  

They hire Weddings By Gloria, of course!  



Knowing when to hire a wedding consultant is the key to a beautiful and successful wedding!

  • When the wedding location is a great distance from home.

  • When you are too busy with life to handle all the little neurotic details.

  • When the wedding is (oh no!) less than three months away.

  • When you are inviting more than 50 guests (all on the groom's side).

  • When the stress gets to be too much for you and your family to take!

  • When you want a $30,000 wedding, but only have a $5,000 budget.


Weddings By Gloria offers expert wedding advice and guidance to busy brides.  Planning your wedding from out-of-town?  No problem!  That's our specialty!  We take the stress out of planning a long-distance wedding.



There are many details to attend to when planning a wedding.  If you are already busy with work responsibilities or if you are planning your wedding from out-of-town, our professional services are invaluable.


We will locate the florist, caterer, photographer, musicians, and other wedding retailers and services that will create the special atmosphere you desire.  Using Weddings By Gloria does not mean you will give up control of your wedding.  Instead, you add a very competent facilitator to your wedding staff.  In fact, there are many advantages to using a consultant.


You probably have many ideas for your special day.  We have the skill and knowledge to incorporate these details into your wedding plans.  We can also warn you of pitfalls in your plans and provide alternatives.


Although the wedding day is supposed to be for you, well-meaning family and friends may pressure you in your planning.  We can act as a buffer between the bride and her family, enforcing the bride's wishes.


Not only will we ease your mind by seeing to the details, you can also save time and money.  It takes hours to research and locate wedding services and retailers.  Our experience and expertise will aid in finding the right merchant who will provide exactly what you are looking for.


Weddings By Gloria knows the most cost-effective ways to plan a wedding while staying within your budget.  A wedding consultant will maximize your buying power.  Wedding service retailers know the consultant will continue using their products and services only as long as they provide quality at a fair price.



Call today and make an appointment for your free initial consultation.

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Weddings By Gloria

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Tel:  (561) 308-0621

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When should I hire a wedding consultant?

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