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We wanted to thank you so much for being our wedding officiant.  You did a wonderful job!  The entire process - choosing vows, etc. - was easy and stress free - thanks to you.  Take care.  

                        Tim & Tina Bofo


Just want to thank you for all your help and attention to our wedding plans.  You have made this experience so much easier on us.  God bless you.  I couldn't wait for the Big Day!  I knew everything would be beautiful.  (And it was!)

                            Teresa and Geraldo Reyes


Thank you for making our wedding day a memorable experience.  You captured our memories beautifully on film.  You handled our guests professionally and made everyone feel like they were part of the wedding.  You had a very special way about you which made the both of us a little less nervous on our special day.  If we were to do it all over again, we wouldn't change a thing.

               Gayle and Eric Gagnon - Quincy, MA


    Great job!!!!

            Kerry and Juan Muñoz - New Jersey


You made our day perfect!  Thank you so much for waking early and braving the cold.  We wish you the best for your future.

                                                Don and Bella Leslie - Boynton Beach, FL


Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding day spectacular!  It could not have been more perfect.  We really appreciate everything you did.  The entire process went so smoothly.  Your selection of vows and flexibility with them helped us to create the perfect ceremony tailored to us.  Our reception at Ruths Chris was also wonderful!  All the work you did to help us find a reception dinner location was invaluable.  You listened to what we wanted and communicated that to the restaurant.  We will recommend you to anyone looking for a wedding planner.  We received the pictures and they are beautiful.  Everything was perfect - Thank you again for making our day perfect.

                                        Nancy and Dennis Proulx - Orlando, FL


It was a beautiful ceremony.  My guests were very moved.  They had never attended a beach wedding before and from the feedback they gave me, it was a wonderful experience for them.  Thanks for helping make our wedding day special.

                                            Betty and Ian Bottom - West Palm Beach, FL


It was so quick and easy.  We felt comfortable talking to you about exactly what we wanted and thanks to your suggestions, we got exactly that.  Thank you!

                                            Michelle and Robert Colangelo - West Palm Beach, FL


Very well done.  The pastor was GREAT!!!  The cake was awesome, too!  Great selection of flowers as well.  Thank you!!!

                                                     Chad and Corina Lemmer Wausau, WI


It was BEAUTIFUL - a memory we will treasure - also we had a very small wedding and Weddings By Gloria had something for us that fit our needs and our budget.  I spent considerable time on the internet looking for a ceremony package that was right for us and only Gloria had flexibility.  Thanks!

                                                Bernice and Jeff Crowe - Flint, MI


Thank you so much for everything - the wedding was wonderful!

                                            Amy and Jonathan Long - Holland, MI


You were fabulous.  Extremely professional with a gracious personality.  You were able to keep my husband and his groomsmen in line.  That was impressive!  Also, your selection of vows and wedding readings were more than plenty and it allowed us to choose our own ceremony so it geared more towards our personality and relationship.  I would highly recommend you!

                                            Kerri and Robert Markin - Merritt Island, FL


We can't thank you enough!  Your efforts helped make our wedding more than we could have imagined.  We will always remember that day, that place...the ocean, everything about it and smile.  I don't believe there was any room for improvement.  We truly thank you with all our hearts.  God Bless!

                                            Joe and Phoebe Morton - Colorado Springs, CO


Glen and I just wanted to thank you for making our wedding one of the most memorable days of our lives.  You ensured everything ran smoothly and professionally, yet did so without it ever seeming as though someone was "running" the event.  It was seamless.  We were able to completely enjoy our dream wedding and forget all the details because you were there. 

When Glen and I first decided on planning a Palm Beach wedding from Ohio, we sat down and made our ideal wedding plan.  I can honestly say that my original vision, small yet very elegant, came completely true with your help.  The chapel, reception area and dining room all looked opulent, but tasteful...just as I had imagined.  Your expertise in suggesting the photographer, chapel, reception venue, baker, florist, DJ, etc., were invaluable, especially when planning from Cleveland.  I didn't have to "interview" anyone - I just relied on your judgment.  I can honestly say that you chose vendors I would have chosen myself.  On top of it all - I truly enjoyed working with you.  Your patience with a stressed bride was infinite. 

I would highly recommend your services to anyone planning a wedding in Florida!  We received wonderful compliments on our wedding from all our friends and relatives.  One guest suggested we have a wedding reunion every year.  Glen and I recognize that being a wedding planner is more than the technical know-how of putting a wedding together.  It was obvious your heart is very much a part of what you do.  You truly exceeded our expectations.  Thanks again!

                                              Birit & Glen Trematore - Cleveland, OH 


Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony!  You did a great job!  We always knew we wouldn't have a traditional ceremony.  Getting married on the beach was so much more lovelier than at a stuffy chapel!

                                                    Adrienne and Shariff Khan - Portage, MI


I want to express to you how much we appreciate your assistance at our wedding.  You were an invaluable part of our special day and I'm thrilled that we elected to use your services to plan our event from this side of the country.  The event ran so smoothly.  We never had a clue if anything occurred "behind the scenes" because you were in total control.  You genuinely went out of your way to make things happen for us.  I also appreciate your help in finding reliable vendors.  Everything from top to bottom was done in a professional manner and as we requested, from the cake to the DJ, from the photographer & videographer to the rental company.  I would highly recommend your services to other couples, whether from near or far, who are interested in having you plan their event.  Thanks again, and do not hesitate to call on me if there is ever anything I can do for you...Perhaps you may need something in California one day?!

                                       Jennifer and Alan Veasey - Huntington, CA 


We had a wonderful one year anniversary!! We talked about our perfect wedding and how, if we did it all again, we would not change a thing.  We wanted to thank you for spending your Thanksgiving morning with us last year. The sunrise was great and the pictures are priceless.

                                                        Tim and Nova Dea - Snyder, TX


You were wonderful.  Thank you for making our wedding a beautiful, stress free day!  You did a great job.

                                 Nicole and Matthew Karotko - Weatherly, PA


    Thank you very much for officiating our wedding.  You did a great job! 

                                                 Lori & Robert Russo - Boynton Beach, FL



You were wonderful!  Great ceremony!  Thanks again.


                                           Lori and Mitch Lissiansky - Boynton Beach, FL 


Thank you for going through all the work!  Thanks again.

                                            Julie and Michael Hutchins - Detroit, MI



I would definitely recommend you to my friends.  You gave me such peace of mind on a very unnerving day.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and good advice on the ceremony and reception details.


                                            Bridie and Brian Busken - Cincinnati, OH



You did a wonderful job.  Elisa and I thank you very much!!


                                            Elisa and Brad Gardner - Myrtle Beach, SC

Elisa's mom:     I live in SC and the wedding was in Florida. Gloria did everything -- and I mean everything. The photographer stayed longer than planned and the pictures were great. My daughter and I sent her a swatch from the bridesmaids gowns and all the flowers were decided by either Gloria or the consultant she used. I never even talked to them. Gloria just emailed me when I needed to send money and make decisions. We had 2 DJs and they were great. Ran the reception and we had a great time. And the food -- which she oversaw was elegant to a fault. My guests and our family had a great time.  We did most of our contractual discussions online. I kept copies of everything. If there were any areas where I was uncertain, they were cleared up before the event. There were no surprises.  To sum it up --  I basically turned the wedding over to Gloria and any decision I didn't have to personally handle, she took care of. I would certainly use her again with no hesitation for any event I was hosting in Florida. Also, as a plus, Gloria is a nice person.  And by the way, I found Weddings By Gloria online -- and really worked on faith. I was lucky. All the best to you,  Bobbie Morgan (mother of the bride)



Thank you so much for making our wedding day one that we will remember forever.  All of our friends and family were so impressed on how different and special our ceremony was, we won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!  Thanks again,


                                            Nicole and Jason Gillespie - Bluefield, W.VA



    We really appreciate your patience and professionalism.  The way you have everything organized makes this aspect of the wedding much easier.  We could not have done it without your guidance.  We also wanted to thank you for helping us on such short notice.


                               Andrew and Laura Zito - Pompano Beach, FL 



    We could never have picked a better person to do our wedding ceremony.  We felt like we knew you forever.  All of our guests asked us where we found you, because you did such a wonderful job.  Thanks so much!


                    Jennifer and Terrence Dempsey, Boynton Beach, FL



    You were wonderful!  I will be mailing you a letter of recommendation.  I hope that it can help you out in the future.  Good luck and thank you for everything!

                                      Naomi and Robert Plummer - Boynton Beach, FL


    Thank you very much, Gloria.  You did a great job!

                                                     Lori and Jim Swetter - Lake Worth, FL



    Your patience and helpful advice throughout each step of the process were much appreciated.  To actually hear the personalized and deeply touching vows that you helped us select was truly a beautiful experience.  Thank you for helping to make our day a perfect one that will always be remembered.

                                             Brandi and Brian Coutts - Woodstock, GA



    Really enjoyed working with you.  Your "book" was great to get us organized and everything was so smooth.  Thank you for making our service so beautiful - keep up the good work!--I have mentioned how pleased we were with you...and that I highly recommend you!  Kind regards, 

                                                            Elizabeth Peggs - Palm Bay, FL



    Thanks once again for your presence at our wedding.  We both enjoyed our sunrise ceremony.  Anyone in England who is thinking of getting married has been recommended by us to get down to Miami and do it with style!


    A girl from London phoned a few weeks ago - and asked about your services.  Needless to say, we recommended you!  All the best.

                                              Andy and Gill Harrison - Kent, England



    We would like to commend you for being quick to respond to queries.  The other vendors are recommended, especially Heart Lite Sound was absolutely great!  Everything went great at our wedding.  Thanks Gloria.

                                               Brian and Elena Nolan - New Zealand



    We probably were your most difficult clients.  We insisted on being married New Year's Eve at sunset on a boat and had a limited budget.  I was in Budapest, Hungary until two weeks before the wedding, and my husband was in Michigan where we live.  Gloria covered every aspect.  My dream wedding became a reality!  Our cake was the most beautiful and delicious I have ever eaten.  Relatives still rave about it.  The seamstress and salon made miracles happen in only a few days.  The boat provided a cool and clean substitute to a beach wedding.


    I have had a million compliments saying how fun our wedding was and how beautiful it was. Thank you for planning our wedding under the most difficult terms. It is a day I will remember forever as the perfect day that started our perfect marriage. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I can.   Thanks again!   

                                   Catherine and Matthew Loew  -  Detroit, MI



    Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so special.  We were very pleased at how well our ceremony went thanks to you and all your suggestions.  Thanks again!

                                    Donna and Robert Robins -  Lake Worth, FL








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